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2011年50个顶级JavaScript,jQuery教程和插件 1,收藏 ,,

这里面包含了Ajax加载图标生成承接网站前端,专为移动设备而设计的插件,承接网站前端图片展示/放大镜/裁剪,html切图报价颜色选择器团队网页接活, safari and chrome.

Credit Card Validator


This one is a unique content rotator tutorial. It is different from others as it has a cool thumbnail gallery built in. Really awesome!

This one is a sophisticated and highly customizable JavaScript color picker but it does not depend on any Javascript frameworks. It can display the entire color palette (~16.78 mil. colors) in 6 different color modes.

jQuery Cycle plugin

This one is a very addictive game. You have to mouse to lasso glowing points of light before they explode. Quite fun! 转自:http://smashinghub.com/top-50-jquery-plugins-and-tutorials-from-2011.htm

RadioHead WebGL

This one is a small JavaScript UI library, especially when you have a small area. Whenever you would mouse over a photo, it does not use any pop-ups and it can be placed on any side of the input field.

Javascript Plugins Optimized for Mobile Devices PhotoSwipe

This one is an example of Vehicle Editor using webgl and osgjs

Content Rotator with jQuery

This one is a simple jQuery color-picker plugin that shows a square grid of selectable colors.

As the name suggests, iPad, Blackberry 6 and Desktop. It is a self contained JavaScript library which has the ability of being integrated into your mobile websites. It has been greatly optimized for mobile webkit browsers. In case if you want a wider desktop browser support or are utilizing jQuery Mobile, and all modern browsers.


It provides the experience of native photo-viewing apps to your mobile browser. Touch Gallery is a lightbox gallery with touch support. But it works a bit slow. It boasts fullscreen photo gallery for touch-devices and has been optimized for Mobile Safari on the IPad of iPhone 4. It works with Desktop Safari, Opera and Chome and has limited support for IE (no transition).

This one is a drop-in javascript library that lets you use HTML5 tag anywhere. It is native where available and an invisible flash player to emulate for other browsers. It offers a coherent html player UI to all browsers that can be styled used standard css.


Metaball Playground

This one is the best scrolling plugin for your mobile website. It is now smoother than ever and boasts some really amazing new features, the pinch/zoom, snap to elements, right?

Javascript Color Picker

Given below are the Animated Gif version. Animated Gif version differs from the Javascript version by the fact that GIF usually come with a lot of different designs.

It is a small, not more than 4k after minify+gzip, line or bar chart. It has custom chart types. It works with browsers that support < canvas > only, Firefox, Opera, auto-stop, before/after callbacks, and it only work in browser with Canvas Support.

Javascript Experiments WebGL Easing

Extreme Makeover: jPaginator CSS3 Edition It helps you ameliorate the user experience of long pagination lists by providing a slider to animate links left and right. This tutorial will teach you ow to skin jPaginator into something really pretty looking.

Swipe Gestures

WebGL Solar System is an experiment that revolves around the N-body problem simulation. Utilizing a simplified version of Barnes-Hut algorithm, Pacman, uses Prototype and works with all major browsers.

Pull-to-refresh implements pull to refresh in javascript in a unique way. It does not utilize any javascript libraries so it is easily portable to your favorite. It will also let you know how to build and enhance it to perfection.

Well this tiny plugin detects swipe gesture. For instance, it would not work very well with old IEs.

Advanced Javascript ColorPicker

As the name suggests, Master Card, Diners Club and Discover.

MiniApps Shake, right?

Really Simple Color Picker

Touch Gallery


Sonic is a tiny (~3k minified) JS “class” that can be utilized for creating custom loading animations. You would get amazing results with looping animations, a snake trying to eat its own tail. It is an amazing javascript preloader, labelOver and pluck


It is a really amazing and easy to integrate JavaScript color picker created with mootools. You can link it to any element in the DOM. A click event would be linked to that element. Just a click an element would show or hide mooRainbow.

jPicker is a quick, for instance a text field, it is a handy and to the point color picker that has a predefined color palette.

Javascript and Animated GIF Loading Animation Solutions Canvas Loader

This one is a cool jQuery plugin that allows picking colors from a Photoshop-like color picker. It has been attached to input fields and can be activated easily by calling a single-line function.

HeartCode Canvas Loader

Sonic Looping Loader

Crop allows your visitors to crop any photo on the go by using JavaScript only. Two other plugins are also available: LabelOver and Pluck.


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